Interstate 23 (I-23) is an Interstate Highway in the western United States. The southern terminus is in Flagstaff, Arizona at Interstate 240 (I-240). The northern terminus is in Mountainville, Utah at Interstate 80 (I-80), southwest near Great Salt Lake National Park (GSLNP).

I-23 is only in the U.S. states of Arizona and Utah.

I-23 is mostly parallel to its "sister route" and is the "brother route" of Interstate 21 (I-21) in the southern portion of the interstate.

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Flagstaff, Arizona Edit

Routeville, Utah (Highway City) Edit

Intertropolis & Routeville city metro map

Map of Highway City.

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In Highway City, I-23 is locally known as Kimberly Blanding Highway. It serves as the main north-south expressway in Routeville, the eastern city of the metropolitan area of Highway City, and east of the Town Separator.

Mountainville, Utah Edit