Interstate Highways Are Not Racetracks is a book written by Jordan Cassatt and illustrated by Kimberly Blanding that was based on the Intertropolis & Routeville episode "Interstate Highways Are Not Racetracks". The book was released on June 15, 2021.

Overview Edit

The book follows Interstate 48 (I-48) and U.S. Route 86 (US 86) on a mission to help Officer Interstate 38 (Officer I-38) looking for an anonymous criminal who is in a high-speed chase along Interstate 248 (I-248) and throwing bombs at every exits along the interstate. The crime scene is spreading locally all over the news in Intertropolis and Routeville (Highway City). Almost every citizen at home, at school, at work, at any places are watching, including the Main Interstate Highways, the Main U.S. Highways, the New England Interstates, and the Royal Highways, who grows suspicious, prompting Interstate 248 (I-248) and U.S. Route 389 (US 389) to race off out of their castles, leaving their housekeepers to look after their children. They jump onto their vehicles to put an end to the high-speed chase. I-48 and US 86, with Officer I-38, and the other police routes of the Highway City Police Department (HCPD) are still chasing the random criminal without giving up and getting distracted. With the exception of a chasing officer, who is merging into the right lane exiting onto U.S. Route 389 (US 389), which is Nanospore Avenue because he was hungry when he saw the McJordan's fast food restaurant sign.