Intertropolis & Routeville (logosmall)

Intertropolis & Routeville is an upcoming animated television series that is planned by Jordan Cassatt and Kimberly Blanding of Blanding Cassatt to premiere first on Nickelodeon for Viacom of the Viacom Media Networks and then Sintopia for Blanding Cassatt of the Blanding Cassatt Media Networks in the early 2020s. The series is about the roads and highways that includes Interstate Highways, U.S. Highways, State Highways, and County Roads and is revolved around two main characters named Interstate 48 and U.S. Route 86 who lives in a big metropolis called Highway City, which contains twin cities called Intertropolis, Nevada for the Interstates, and Routeville, Utah for the U.S. Routes. The twin cities are separated by a curveless toll highway called Town Separator, treated as a state border between Utah and Nevada. The animated series is created by Jordan Cassatt and Kimberly Blanding (the Blanding Cassatt Duo), making the series based on their fantasy imaginations of roads and highways.