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Intertropolis is a city in Nevada where mostly the Interstate Shields and State Highway Shields lives. Routeville is a city in Utah where mostly the U.S. Route Shields and County Road Shields lives. Intertropolis and Routeville are bordered by each other, separated by a highway called the Town Separator. Because they are so close, they are often called Highway City as a metropolis. This community will teach you guys all about highways and roads in the United States, yes including Alaska, Hawaii, and my imaginary state of Sintopia! This wiki is created by Blanding Cassatt.

What is Intertropolis & Routeville?Edit

Intertropolis & Routeville is an American upcoming television series that will premiere on Nickelodeon and Sintopia from Blanding Cassatt in the early 2020s. It will be all about the roads and highways including Interstate Highways, U.S. Highways, State Routes, and County Roads. It will revolve around two main characters named Interstate 48 and U.S. Route 86 living in a big metropolis called Highway City, which contains two twin cities called Intertropolis, Nevada for the Interstates, and Routeville, Utah for the U.S. Routes. The twin cities are separated by a curveless toll highway called Town Separator, treated as a border between Utah and Nevada.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

Interstate 48 and U.S. Route 86 are the two main characters of Intertropolis & Routeville.

Supporting Edit

Interstate 21, 23, 248, U.S. Route 47, and 389 are the five supporting characters of Intertropolis & Routeville.

Recurring (Interstates) Edit

The recurring characters of the Interstates lives in the Main Highway Lounge of Intertropolis. Most of their numbers end with a "0" or a "5", except for Interstate 1 and 101, who are also considered main Interstate Highways. They have different personalities.

Recurring (U.S. Routes) Edit

The recurring characters of the U.S. Routes lives in the Main Highway Lounge of Routeville. Most of their numbers end with a "0" or a "1", except for U.S. Route 2, who is also considered a main U.S. Highway.

Minor Edit

There are many other characters of Intertropolis & Routeville that most aren't seen all the time.

Intertropolis & Routeville Wiki is an online encyclopedia fanpage about an upcoming animated TV series Intertropolis & Routeville, which had not premiered yet until the next decade.Edit

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The Interstate Sign on the left is the mascot of Intertropolis, NV while the U.S. Route Sign is the mascot of Routeville, UT.